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Public Outreach

Our researchers are committed to sharing their findings with a wider audience through a variety of outreach activities ranging from talks to workshops and even film screenings with subsequent discussion. Below we present a selection of these.



Milota, M., Drogt, J., Lysen, F., Knol, K., & Koch, R. (2023, May 9-12). From Samples to Slides: A film discussion on craft, labour and AI in pathology [Film screening and interactive discussion]. Making Together: A festival celebrating creativity in healthcare professions education, Maastricht, The Netherlands.  

de Vrieze, J. (Host). Schuurman, A. & Jongsma, K. (Guests). (2023, April 20). Kan chatGPT medische artikelen schrijven? (No. 13) [Audio podcast episode]. In NTvG Podcast. Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Geneeskunde.

Jongsma, K., van Solinge, W. W., & Haitjema, S. (2023, April 20). Acht misvattingen over AI in de zorgNederlands Tijdschrift voor Geneeskunde.

Lysen, F. (2023, February). Examining patient perspectives on artificial intelligence [Seminar]. History and Philosophy of Technology, Université Technologie de Compiègne (UTC), Paris satellite location.

Jongsma, K., Milota, M. & Drogt, J. (2023, February 20-22). Visualizing the Ethics of AI in Pathology Through the Lens of Human Expertise and Responsibility [keynote lecture]. Workshop Ethical Design for AI in Medicine, Oxford.


Lysen, F., Gabriels, K., Nickel, P., Miranovic, T., & Winands, M. (2022, November 7). Lumière x Maastricht Young Academy Film: Ich bin dein Mensch [Film screening and pannel discussion]. Maastricht, The Netherlands. 

Drogt, J. (2022, September 25). Lecture for children: Human versus Computer: Who knows best? (MJU) Discovery Museum Kerkrade.

Wyatt, S. (2022, August 29-30). Androids/Sheep/Body Electric: Talking about automation for a better future [Keynote lecture]. Reframing ADM: Concepts, Values, Alternatives, Copenhagen, Denmark. 


Lysen, F. (2021, November 18). Geschiedenissen van de radiologie van de toekomst [invited lecture for an audience of professional radiologists, radiology historians and medical historians]. Trefpunt Medische Geschiedenis, Urk, The Netherlands.  

Drogt, J. (2021, November 12). The Ethics of Medical AI [online talk]. National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) congress.

Wyatt, S. & Lysen, F. (2021, October 6-9). Genealogies of Diagnostic Assemblages: Shaping a Radiological Sense [Video Presentation]. Annual Meeting of the Society for Social Studies of Science (4S), Toronto, Canada / online. 

Durán, J. M., Beckers, S., Jongsma, K., Primiero, G., & Sand, M. (2021, April 12-16). Explainable Medical AI: Ethics, Epistemology, and Formal Methods [Online Workshop]. Lorentz Center: Center for Scientific Workshops in all Disciplines, Leiden, The Netherlands.  

Vos, S. (2021). Uniek ethisch onderzoek. Nederlandse Vereniging Voor Pathologie, 1. 


Antoine, Jorn, Josef, Sheeney, & Silke (Hosts). Drogt, J. (Guest). (2020, November 16). Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare (Episode 3 on Ethics) [Audio podcast episode]. In Wicked Cast: Artificial Intelligence in Health. Soundcloud.

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